Eternius planet. For centuries, only strong-willed beings lived on the planet, who most of all valued their freedom and the ability to follow their own path. All the battles and interactions between the characters were recorded on a huge stone, and even after millions of years it was possible to see whose ancestor behaved like a coward, and who wrote himself into the stone as a Hero. For the existence of each character, there was a pure Energy called Eternius, if he took the right step, then the pure energy became more, if the act was not correct, then the energy became less and in the end the character disappeared forever, leaving only the name on the stone and the catalog of his actions for the new generations. Pure energy made the planet exist, but due to wrong actions and the eternal war for existence, the number of inhabitants of the planet has drastically decreased, and the black hole that has been waiting for the extermination of the Heroes for centuries was already looking forward to the feast and absorption of such a proud planet in the depths of which not so long ago there were oceans with Eternius.

The city of Grayling Cryptius is the last city that did not fall under the raids of the barbarians, which creates a huge black hole to swallow the planet Eternius. This time, the black hole was able to produce 800 barbarians which the locals call Horkius, they look exactly the same, black skin with scales, and the head looks like that of a jaguar or panther. Huge claws and tails with a blade at the end and the walk of King Kong, but with such feline grace. Among these 800-t there are 10 of the best who are considered generals, they used to be ordinary too, but after killing the inhabitants and sucking out the entire Eternius from the victim through the sharp tail, their body mutates and the more victims, the stronger and more dangerous the character became. 10 warlords are the top ten Horkies, and as history shows, warlords are constantly changing and can kill each other. (This is roughly NFT with the EASIEST power, which is usually the easiest to win, but unlike other collections, people who actually play can become one with 10 commanders. In short, encouraging activity I think is a good idea)

The planet itself is immersed in darkness, the plains of the mountains are black, there are no rivers and lakes, everything feeds only on Eternius and no resources exist anymore. And only the city of Grayling Kriptius continues to shine with bright multi-colored lights, the architecture is a mixture of baroque, magic, impressionism, they say that Dali himself transferred some objects from this world to the world of capitalism and humanity. Each building shone with different colors, the brighter the city shone, the more it was protected. Many centuries ago there were thousands of such cities, but internecine wars and wrong decisions turned the planet into a dark monster with a single shining eye.
Since ancient times, there has been a democracy in the city, and only by the decision of the majority the most important decisions were made. There were not so many inhabitants, and each differed in personal skills, appearance and strengths, but at the same time, there was a certain similarity with each other. In a calm camp, everyone looks like a person, but the face was a bit like a leopard's head, only without spots, and on the chest there was a flower sign, purple in color that glowed and faded away when the energy of Eternius disappeared. yellow, strong arms, purple eyes with small fangs.

Since there was a democracy, everyone could act as he saw fit, and only when there was a threat of attack, detachments were created for battles. One of the main fans of fighting and fighting was Renius, an old warrior on whose account many battles, many mistakes and self-sacrifice. In an ordinary camp, he did not particularly stand out, but when a battle was coming, his face and body turned blue, he grew several times. The main power of the character was freezing, he could control ice, huge sharp pieces of ice could appear both from the ground and fall from heaven. Above the right eye was an orange streak that went behind the ear, this is a scar from the red-hot chain of the king of Horkius. The king was defeated, but the strip that turned red when approaching the enemies remained with him.

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