Our team has created an exciting and exciting game that will give you the opportunity to show and prove yourself and your knowledge in the world of crypto!!
Join our community of cryptocurrency enthusiasts and compete

Our team itself comes up with questions, ensuring the uniqueness and diversity of this game!

Tested and approved

We test our game on ourselves and invite various crypto influencers to play, ensuring a high quality and fun experience for everyone.

Regular tournaments

We regularly hold tournaments for our players, giving you the opportunity to compete with others and prove yourself.

Open for communication and suggestions

We value the contributions of our community and strive to make our game as enjoyable as possible.
Share your feedback with us and help us improve the game!

Great desire to diversify the crypto space

We aim to add zest to the world of cryptocurrencies by providing a fun and exciting way to test your knowledge and compete against others.

Rules of the game

Four players take part in the game. Their main goal is to answer questions and score as many points as possible by the end of the game. At the beginning of the game, each of them has 0 points.

The game consists of three rounds and a final. In each of the rounds (except the final one) there are 30 questions - six topics with five questions each.

In the first round, the issue price varies from 100 to 500, in the second - from 200 to 1000, in the third - from 300 to 1500. The higher the issue price, the more difficult it is.

The questions in the game are formulated in the form of statements, where the search word is replaced by a pronoun. Players must guess what the question is about and answer.

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