The Memeland team tried to find the best way to reward their community and expand their ecosystem as much as possible. This is how Stakeland was born.

Stakeland is a zero-commission staking platform. The team does not take anything from projects that are launched through Stakeland, and 100% of distributions will go to Stakeland stakers.

This is a combination of staking, airdrops and stakers who are not bots. That's why the team paid a lot of attention to debotting to give new projects access to real audiences.

For statistics: more than 4 million users participated in $MEME pharming, but only 400 thousand were rewarded (more than $35 million were distributed).

Already on the first day after the launch, more than 17% of $MEME circulating supply were steaks in Stakeland. There will be more coins to stake in the future, including stablecoins, but $MEME will always have the edge.

$STEAKS (🥩) is an off-chain Stakeland currency that we receive for staking our $MEME.

Why is earning $STEAKS a smart move?

1) Until March 24, the boost is 6.9x-1.4x, but then staking will work according to the principle: 1 $MEME = 1 $STEAK per week.

2) Memeland made announcement launchpad for stakers in Stakeland, where the first projects can show very good results. We will be able to exchange the earned $STEAKS for project tokens on the launchpad.

3) There were also announced future opportunities for Stakeland:
— Token listing
— Staking tiers
— Hybrid staking
— Leaderboard
— Quests

It becomes obvious that we are witnessing the emergence and development of a huge ecosystem.

Memeland is currently the number 1 NFT ecosystem in Asia and one of the top 10 largest in the world by market capitalization. And $MEME is one of the top ten NFT-related meme coins.

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