AlienSwap's Twitter space is Uncle Ren's special guest!

AMA "Will there be a bull market on the NFT" took place on May 30 in Twitter space AlienSwap! Special guest is our Uncle Ren!

In this article we publish the text version of the AMA!



Hello everyone, and welcome to this twitter space. I'm Sophie, the AlienSwap operation manager, I will be the host of this twitter space. As we know, AlienSwap is the 1st membership-based NFT marketplace and aggregator, aiming to be the leading NFT trading layer, with $12 million in funds raising and has introduced the NFT Explorer roadmap, and aims to bring innovation to both its product and gameplay mechanisms. With a series of upcoming game-changing product innovations, we aspire to compete with industry giants such as OpenSea и Blur

We arrange this twitter space to discuss when the NFT Bull Market Will Return Again and if there are any innovations and opportunities for the NFT Marketplace in 2023. We invited some experienced guests to talk about this topic today. I’d like to introduce our guest here: Ren, Founder of HareCrypta, haha China Ambassador @WonderPals and Jinnyxia, OKX Web Eoc. 


Ask the guests to introduce yourselves with a sentence or two so that the audience can have a basic understanding of you and your project?


I am the founder of Harecrypta community - Ren . We are a very active and strong cryptocommunity. We cover all crypto activities: trading, different testnets, retrodrops, installing nodes, defi, deploying smart contracts, very often we conduct AMAs with projects and even discuss macroeconomics and how it affects on cryptocurrency.

And of course our favorite topic and our passion is NFT and art. Mining, trading NFTs, tracking any trends or movements with NFT and new innovative things because NFT is on the edge of the peak of technology and cryptocurrency sphere

2. Question

2) What do you think about the current NFT market, and will the NFT Bull Market Return Again and when will it happen?


When we speak about NFTs, This is not only a HYPE, but also a established technology and for example base for creating social groups like DAO, access to certain club, it will not go anywhere, I think that the bullish cycle will start somewhere around the fall, maybe October-November, cash liquidity will increase more, more applications will appear from new Ethereum updates I am very excited about ERC-4337 Account Abstraction (if you know its like 2fa-authentication or user verification to ethereum address), ERC-6551 description of the Token Bound Accounts protocol So these things becomes main factor to bullish cycles

3. Question

What is the determining competition factor for the new NFT marketplace?


First point, it is mobile application that provides a simple and understandable user interface and hope it will be without any bugs. Trading, buying, selling NFTs will be as easy as making reels on Instagram or doing a tweet on Twitter. Сonvenient and user-friendly solution for Web3 mass-adoption. Secondly, There should be iInner commitment for web3 changes from the project, the founder and the team!

What do I mean? As a Web2 person in the past who has implemented large financial IT systems in enterprises, I believe that for success, when the systems (in our case NFT marketplaces) are similar in their features, the implementation itself is more important than the system. It’s constant promotions, AMAs, votes, posts, tutorials, step-by-step marketing and steady rewards. It’s a long marathon and gradual attraction of people from Web 2 to Web 3. It’s a stable, somewhere boring and routine work of engaging people and even changing their mind.

4. Question

Tell us a little about your NFT collection? Are there any utilities, what will they be?


Yes, thanks. I wanted to hear this question We launched our beaty and charming NFT HARMA in the middle of May. We had allowlist for our community, So collection in ETH and listed in opensea. and of course we are thrilled to be listed in alienswap marketplace.
. So we this collection has not only emotioanl utilties but real utiels So… Current list of utilities for NFT Harma Genesis The special role of Harma Genesis in the Harecrypta discord and access to alpha information And our killing feature is access to AI tools, Midjourney pro (paid) version and user-friendly interface, next access to the Chat GPT paid version It real thing which works. working now Priority list for questions in AMA in discord and receiving rewards.You know we have good link3 profile. Possible the upcoming list of utility Drop NFT ordinal Harma on Bitcoin WL to the main collections of Harma and future drops of $HARE tokens Access to other AI tool, for example, AI Leonardo paid version

5. Question

As we know BRC-20 and Ordinal are gaining popularity currently. What do you think of the BRC-20 ecosystem? What will be the next gem of BRC-20?


Now these inscriptions are only records in the blockchain. That’s all. Behind the emotional utility there should be a real functional utility Those BRC-20 tokens or NFT ordinals will survive in my opinion if there will be real privacy Integration with discord, access to any platform, game usage, and so on. For example, we will drop NFT ordinal for Harma holders only after we are confident that we can find a way of verification of belonging NFT on bitcoin to discord account

6. Question

What are the impact tools for building such a web3 community?


Oh i love such questions and it’s my favorite topic
Who are web 3 people?

  1. 1. they want exactly receive rewards for some actions on the Internet, this is some kind of monetization of actions
  2. 2.They have a voting right or can influence platform decisions by government tokens or something else
  3. 3. They can spread information further on social networks about the project and the platform
    I would call it micro influencing..

At this moment, these three components are used specifically well by two tools
Zealy — where community members do tasks (twitter (like, RT, ), discord, telegram, movies, fans, social activity).
Users compete each other

everything is related to micro enfluencing and it help to spread word about project Project tracks these user activities and rewards according to leaderboard (sprint per month)

For example, Harecrypta has been doing actively every month almost 7 months staring somewhere november in the past year
link 3 — AMA So now we stay here using by AMA by link3, earn WST token something motivation

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