Immutable - a new generation of Web3 games. The project already has its own $IMX token.

Among the subscribers noticed Bybit , Polygon Labs , Gitcoin , rare .

Project attracted $275M investment from Coinbase Ventures , Temasek Holdings and others.

Recently project announced about launching your testnet Immutable zkEVM — the first dedicated gaming network of its kind, launched with support PolygonImmutable zkEVM combines the benefits of zk-rollup technology with the power of the Ethereum ecosystem, while offering access to the full suite of Immutable gaming products.


1. Adding manually testnet to your Metamask:
Network name: zkEVM-testnet
RPC URL: https://rpc.testnet.immutable.com
Chain ID: 13472
Currency symbol: tIM

2. Let's move on to the website , press "Continue" > "Create Passport"register by mail.

3. We pass a small test / survey out of 8 questions.

4. Click Faucets and ask test tokens, available every 24 hours.

5. After receiving tokens, you must send them to any other wallet. The more transactions you make, the better.

6. We enter into Discord project and leave feedback.

7. We go to Zealy project, carry out quests.

The partnership between Immutable and Polygon could completely change what game developers can do. And some games like metal core And shardbound , have already announced their intention to use the recently introduced Immutable zkEVM network.

Author: @evaneskate

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