StakeStone is a staking protocol for connecting Omnichain liquidity.

In March of this year the project attracted investments from Binance Labs, the investment amount is unknown.

We all know how projects come out on Binance. And now we have a cool opportunity to farm future tokens of the project while it is at an early stage.

The project launched a new program Omnichain Carnival, which includes several waves during which more than 6.5% of the total StakeStone supply will be distributed. In total they plan to collect 200K STONE.

We believe that those who have a free ETN should definitely participate.


1) Go to the Carnival website: with refka / without reference;

2) Connect the wallet and, if desired, enter the invite code D4ABF. Confirm your Twitter;

3) Block STONE or ETH for participation in Carnival Wave 1. Also, participants of Carnival Wave 1 will be able to receive a 5% bonus in the future Wave 2;

4) The deposited ETH will be automatically converted to STONE;

5) STONE withdrawal will be available at the end of May.

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