Polygon zkEVM Mainnet is here!

Polygon zkEVM Mainnet уже здесь!

March 27 will launch beta version of Polygon zkEVM Mainnet.

During the testnet, the network was able to achieve certain key indicators and is ready to move to a new level.

Also developing well NFTs ecosystem. Only Yoots got 3kk grant from Polygon for joining their network. You can also note the successful mint Rect Dogs a couple of weeks ago, which could be taken from free mint, and now they have flora V 78 Matic.

🔍Author of this thread recommends paying attention to the following projects in the polygon network and their token, but DYOR natural to everyone!

1. Aavegotchi - the most popular game fi project.

It is an open-world role-playing game run by players. Can be rented for free NFTs on the market and test a couple of hours.

2. QuickSwap - basic DEX in a sieve Polygon.

This is a fork Uniswap on the blockchain platform Polygon.Accordingly, transactions are faster, gas is less.

3. IDEX - this is DEX perpetual swap with leverage up to 100x.

They have a hybrid system that includes an order book and AMM. Despite the fact that they launched their platform quite recently, their total volume is already $3.5 billion.

4. Decentral Games - creates games and social experiences in Metaversewhich are visited by hundreds of thousands of visitors every month.

Their flagship game is ICE Poker, a Metaverse poker where users can earn $ICE rewards and digital collectibles, and Macbooks And iPhones for various actions.

Management is carried out through DAO, which allows anyone to become a partial owner of the casino.

5. Gains Network — the trading platform works on a synthetic basis and has a leverage.

Unlike conventional platforms, it trades assets that do not require the actual underlying assets to be borrowed. This helps to avoid creating an order book or liquidity pools for each pair, improves capital efficiency and prevents issues such as slippage, price impact and intermittent losses.

6. DFYN is a multi-chain exchange DEX on base AMM.

The point is to make it interconnected AMM with nodes located on different blockchains. Further these AMM will be able to exchange liquidity and even provide cross-chain swaps.

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