Based on interesting analytical thread from wale.moca.

Many NFT projects are starting the #NFTSummer wave on Twitter and want to mark July as the hottest NFT month of the year. Let's look at the main reasons that will help projects achieve this goal.

1. Completion of Blur farming and the “bottom of mood”.

Although Blur farming will continue in the new season, most likely it will be on a much smaller scale. The days of offering millions of dollars for NFTs to farm tokens that were then sold may be behind us. As of now, TVL Blur returns to the levels of late summer and early autumn 2023.
In addition, many other activities and projects that attracted attention to NFTs in recent months (for example, Blast) have come to an end. It’s safe to say that the NFT industry has gone through the “bottom of sentiment.”

2. Promising releases from large NFT projects.

  • Pudgy Penguins: announced the acquisition of Frame by its parent company Igloo for the subsequent development of Abstract Chain, a blockchain creating the world's largest online community. And don't forget that Pudgy Penguins still doesn't have its own token!
    Collections Pudgy Penguins And Lil Pudgys.
  • Azuki: Steve Chang joined to the team as chief operating officer, and Zagabond published letter in which he outlined his vision for Anime 2.0.
    Collection Azuki.
  • Doodles: Doodles' main project, Dullsville and the Doodleverse, may go out already in July. Many famous artists will take part in it, and NFT holders will get a special experience. The team also hinted at new partnerships as part of the "hot summer."
    Collection Doodles.
  • Mocaverse: $MOCA will launch in July and NFT holders will receive an airdrop. In addition, network partnerships were signed with MyAnimeList, Pacmoon and OneFootball.
    Collection Mocaverse.

3. Acceptance of Spot Ethereum ETF.

walks hearing about the imminent release of ETH ETF on July 2. Returning to the BTC ETF, this branch of the cryptocurrency’s history was associated with a bunch of manipulations, all rumors were refuted and sent the market down. The SEC can't play like this anymore, and every broadcast rumor is confirmed.

All this creates ideal conditions for the NFT industry to shine with new colors. Get ready, July is shaping up to be a busy and memorable month for NFTs.

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