The pattern is rare, but very strong - we understand

Hi all! I had to create an addon. medium-term trading plan, which is now the main one, for now, given the information about the fad about the US default, which may prevent the previous scenario from developing.

〽️A bit of fractal analysis and an inverted 2022 chart vs a regular 2021 chart. Based on the Bearish Quasimodo Pattern, which will be used as a bullish signal, because. chart is reversed.

📈As part of this pattern, I expect the price to rise to ~ 30-32 thousand per cue ball by the end of February (which does not contradict the previous analysis, since the 30K zone is the main resistance) and the subsequent return to the lows, as the completion of the quasimodo and the formation of a double bottom .

❗️The pattern is rare, but very strong and with a good chance of being realized with the current structure.

Main confirmation cue ball received after breaking through the yellow line, which acted as support for the local trend. Now the chart tends to the imbalance zone - the area of 30 thousand and the only zone that slows down the cue ball and is the second, but a prerequisite - 24K

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