💡About the collection:

Twitter — @codexsociety
Project Founder — Aar Aalto
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The creator of the collection is concerned that important works of unique people may be lostand their thoughts and works may not reach the masses.

👉Despite the fact that current technologies allow you to digitize and translate the texts of ancient works, you cannot rely on them on 100%. The end user will constantly be “fed” by recognized bestsellers.

🤷 Of course, there are many unique places, such as Louvre And Metropolitan Museum of Art located in New Yorkwhere a lot of unique worksth, but they work by the standards they hold, and a lot of good work doesn't make it into their curatorial programs.

❗But the project Codex going to change the situation

🤓 Mission Codex is to use the latest technologies to protect and disseminate the most valuable results of human intellectual activity for future generations.

👉What the project has achieved so far:

✅ A scanning plan for 100+ unreleased works has been prepared.
✅ Launched NFT collection , which was crushed into 53 ethers.
✅ Launched Web site
✅ Released book “Pictures Drawn in One Stroke”
✅ Account in Twitter
✅ Launched subscription
✅ A further project plan is being considered

📚They have created their own library and their eyes will be directed only to unpublished works from various fields such as art, literature, science, mathematics and philosophy. No more bestsellers!

👉At the moment, the first published book “Pictures Drawn in One Stroke” available for owners Matchbook NFTs.

🤔It is not yet clear whether it will give possession NFTs full access to the project library, but the project is currently working on it utilities.

Author: @Yaroslav255

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