MY SWAP Yield Alchemy - FINAL WEEK 4


Making the final quest myswap and warm up the wallet at the same time starknet

We study the latest stats from Starknet, your rating wallet or batch checker , the required volume is already more than about 2k$ for a reliable wallet to fall under the drop criteria


To unlock the fourth NFT Aqua's Gleam a series Yield Alchemy, it is necessary to perform such a cascade of actions

1. Share the tweet (just press the button and don't share 😄 )
2. Click on the site with charts myswap
3. Add 0.08 eth total value to the liquidity pool on any pair
swap between ETH and USDC
0.00027-0.0039 eth - ($0.5-$0.7)
adding liquidity
0.00039-0.0047 eth - ($0.7-$0.9)
4. Mint NFT, somewhere 0.00023 eth (0.42$) at low gas 12-18 gwei

Always have more than 1.5$ on the account, otherwise the mint or swap operation will not be available due to the price that is not predicted correctly, even though the cost of the operation is less than 1.5$.

If you have already replenished liquidity from the first to the third mission, you just need to add 0.02 eth to bring the total to 0.08 ETH.

👉 Use breeches
Starkgate - official bridge starknet.
layerswap or

Deadline: add liquidity to August 31, 11:00 Moscow time, brand NFT up to September 30, 11:00 UTC

At the end of the mission, we are waiting for the unlocking of the philosopher's stone upon reaching the total TVL $10 million

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