“We are going through two activities in Shardeum: NFT mint, domain mint. Mint NFT Yogama :
— Go to Chainlist and add testnet 2.1 to MetaMask
- For mint we need 66 $SHM, so we take it from the tap
(will give 100 $SHM)
- Connecting to the site and mintim.
- At the time of writing, only 34% NFT from 2200 pcs. Dotshm domain mint:
- Go to the faucet and once again we take tokens, since after the mint NFT may not be enough. - Go to the site and select the network exactly 2.1 (top, left) select the domain and mintim.
— We also throw off the screen of your domain under this post (promise drop)

Type testnet
Activity Get a domain
Date added 03/01/2023