Capx is an industry 2nd level blockchain on Polygon Supernetsspecializing in the distribution and trading of tokens.
The infrastructure itself will consist of blockchain CAPX and products: Capx Liquid, Capx Exchange, Capx app.
The purpose of the infrastructure is to allow organizations to quickly and fairly distribute tokens among their community.

Capx Liquid is a token lifecycle management platform that ensures the liquidity of tokens in the secondary market.
Capx Exchange — a decentralized exchange with a privacy-enabled order book for institutions and angel investors.
Capx App is a gaming social platform for learning and earning, which allows community members to discover new projects and earn project IOU tokens for active participation in the life of the community and contribution to its product.

IOU Tokens (I Owe You) are pre-launch tokens that projects can create and distribute directly to members of their community. Each token IOU is exchangeable for the actual token in a ratio of 1:1 at the time of launch.


— Investments in the project are at the stage of a seed round, the details of which are still not disclosed . In addition to the ongoing investment round, Polygon mentions Capx on his twitter.
— Twitter the project is still quite modest, but nevertheless, here, in addition to inflows, they have already lit up: an employee OKX Ventures , Webcoin Labs And CEO of SinoGlobalCap .
— The project has started to launch award-winning activities.
The first is a test of one of the products - Capx App, where we are invited to earn a token xCapx (i.e. IOU Capx token), which will change to $CAPX 1:1. While the tokens arrive at the landfill, they will soon be on their own blockchain, the mainnet of which is scheduled for 4th quarter.
By the way, it is already possible to earn tokens of other projects there.
More coming soon a company will drive up directly related to the testnet, the bridge is currently being updated.


1. Let's move on to the website , click create account and connect through the wallet.
2. We enter a nickname and optionally use the code - HKHEO (will give a bonus).
3. Click on the sticker in the lower right corner and go through the quiz.
4. Click on the sticker again and log in daily.
5. Next, go to the working panel, there will be tokens for branding (tokens will always need to be branded here).
6. We press the stigma and bind the twitter + discord.
7. We find in the list all activities from Capx and execute.
8. If desired, multimedia (maximum 10 refs per acc ) and wait for it.

PS As soon as it starts bridge , we recommend bridzhanut a little gourly there to be marked as early and wait for the testnet campaign.

The idea seems to have already been seen, but not in such a wrapper and not with such mechanics, there is a perspective in this.
The rewards are guaranteed and do not require investments, it already sounds not bad, but coupled with the mention from the training ground and the ongoing seed round, it’s not bad at all.
So skipping is not recommended.

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All xes!

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