…which I wish I had known a year ago:

1. No one cares about "Web3 or blockchain", it's only about "how it can help".
2. Complete decentralization is a myth!
3. 99% NFT projects don't have a business plan even for 3 years!
4. Diamond manipulation often ends not very well.
5. For mass adoption of Web3, we do not need to transfer people to Web3, but we need to easily integrate Web3 where people already are.🌐
6. DYOR is funny! People are too lazy even to store their seed phrases!
7. Mass adoption will not happen in 3 months, 1 year or 3 years. This is a long process.
8. We need more simplification than Web3 space creation.
9. Mass Adoption won't fill your bags!
10. A small profit is better than none!
11. Web3 is not yet ready for adoption among ordinary people, Web2.5 is what you need.
12. Trading is a direct PvP battle. Someone has to lose for you to win!
13. Using complex terms like "web3" or "blockchain" in front of ordinary people to look "cool" is actually making you look like a fool!
14. Most people have no idea that NFT is so much more than just "JPEG"!
15. Web3 doesn't magically solve your core business problems.
16. New metas are not delayed more than 3 weeks. (3D art, checks, freemint - everything passes) 📉
17. The most hype projects often disappear a few weeks after the release.💔
18. Hype and social networks determine the price of the project. The utility or talent of the team is not.
19. If your only source of income is trading/flipping, you are taking a big risk.
20. People trying to build "Amazon or Netflix by Web3", the "next BAYC" will be destroyed!
21. Web2 brands that come to Web3 with a "quick fix" intent are the ones that fail the fastest.📉
22. Your supporters become haters as soon as you deceive them.💸
23. Some people are rude online but very nice when you talk to them). 💻

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