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Using Harecrypt's own example, from scratch to a full-fledged Web3 community

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First ever satellite sent into space


Promotion and maintenance of social networks

Twitter account promotion

We help to attract an audience and increase the popularity of your Twitter account. We develop an individual strategy to attract new subscribers

Formation of a content plan

We help clients develop a plan for creating and publishing quality content on social networks, blogs and other channels. This includes audience analysis, defining content topics and formats, and publishing schedules.

Maintaining a twitter account

It will help your profile become more popular and interesting for the audience, thanks to unique content and account optimization.

Discord promotion

Community promotion on Discord, which includes content creation, monitoring, audience engagement and other marketing activities to increase activity and attract new users.


HareCrypta provides a news management service that includes creating quality content and distributing it on various platforms to reach the target audience.

Copywriting (articles, blogs)

Copywriting from HareCrypta - writing unique text content for websites, blogs and other purposes in accordance with the requirements of the customer.

Promotion of channel and group telegrams

Promotion of telegram channels and groups using professional methods of promotion and analytics.

Creation of video content

Creation of video content for cryptocurrency projects. We will help you shoot, edit and optimize video materials to draw more attention to your project.

Building a Web3 Community

Gamification with the community through crew3

We create a unique system of motivation and stimulation of community members, increase their activity and attract new members through the use of game mechanics and tools.

Conducting twitter spaces, including via Link3

Creation and promotion of spaces for communication, including using Link3.

Messaging within chats

We create personalized chats with your audience, ensuring effective communication and interaction between participants.

Access to the AMA with influencers, bloggers in social networks

Conducting AMAs (Ask Me Anything) with influencers and bloggers on popular social networks to promote your brand or project, increase awareness and attract new customers.

NFT consulting

NFT or token advice

We provide clients with expert advice on issues related to recent trends in the cryptocurrency market and new forms of financial assets such as NFTs or tokens.

Building NFT smart contracts or tokens

Building smart contracts to create unique NFTs and tokens that can be used in various projects on blockchain platforms. We guarantee the safety and reliability of each smart contract.

Launch of NFT or tokens

Creation, configuration and launch of native tokens or NFTs on various blockchain platforms in accordance with the needs of the client.

Market making

Increasing liquidity and increasing interest in the token on various cryptocurrency exchanges and platforms. We provide a full range of services, including strategy development, partnerships with exchanges and influencers, as well as reputation and PR management.

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